Inhumanity: Army targeting innocent children in Myanmar, death of little 'fairy' playing outside the house shocks the world


The army in Myanmar has been crossing all limits of brutality since the coup in February. So far, about 43 innocent children have lost their lives in the hands of soldiers there in the last few weeks. Many of them were killed while playing, some went out with the family and did not come back again. One of these children is the name of Myat Thu, a ten-year-old girl. Thu these days has become an example of the culmination of military oppression going on in Myanmar worldwide. The touching scenes of her funeral on Sunday shook the world.

Shot blasted in a shock

It is March 27. It was 5:30 in the evening. Thu was playing with toys in front of her house in Moulamine city. Father Yoo Soe Oo, standing at some distance, gave the daughter coconut to eat. Thu was barely able to eat the first piece that suddenly came the sound of falling. Oo turned and saw that the daughter fell on the road on her stomach and the coconut fell away from her hand and fell away. The next moment Oo could see a sharp stream of blood flowing. In fact, a bullet was hit on Thu's temple. The father ran to the hospital with him, but he died within an hour.

40 people under 18

Firing in residential areas is raising questions all over the world. At the same time, according to a monitoring organization, so far more than 550 people have become victims of the bullets of security personnel after the February 1 coup. They also have people standing on the roadside. More than 40 people killed were under 18 years of age.

This scene shook

This touching scene shocked the world when the family placed her toys, drawings, colored pencils, and favorite things in Thu's coffin during the funeral on Sunday in the presence of the religious leaders.

The family says Thu dreamed of becoming a makeup artist or nurse. But one bullet shattered all his dreams in a few moments.

Snatched our angel, how to take revenge

We have seen the daughter die before her eyes, says Thu's mother, Dao Toe Toe Vin. Who will give us justice Where shall we come and whom shall we recompense. Thu's uncle Yu Thein Yuant says that if I get time, I will flay the skin of the guilty soldiers, they snatch our 'angel'. Father is in shock. Just repeating the same thing - the bullet fell and died.

Princess was made at Tiktok

Th had bought a bicycle by adding money, on which she used to put a blue basket. She was fond of Ticktock and made a lot of videos dancing with her sisters by applying princess filters.

Everyone used to ask - why are people dying

Thu's aunt explains that she used to ask what is happening in her country about the street protests and the deaths of people.