Indian peacekeepers set up a temporary base in South Sudan, action to protect civilians


Indian peacekeepers in South Sudan have established a civilian operations base in Akoka, Upper Nile State to ensure the safety of civilians. India is the largest contributor to the United Nations Peace Mission. Currently, 2,383 Indian soldiers are serving in the United Nations Mission (UNMISS) in South Sudan.

This number of Indian peacekeepers is the highest after Rwanda. Lt. Gen. Shailesh Tinaikar, commander of the UNMISS force, said, "Our aim is to make our peacekeepers prompt and respond quickly in areas where there is a possibility of sudden conflict."

He said that there are many benefits of working in this way. The official said that our job as peacekeepers is not only to protect the citizens but also to connect with the people of the community and the local authorities so that we can get information about it at the earliest as the tension increases.