Indian crew blamed for huge ship stuck in Suez Canal, may be arrested


The world's busiest business route was jammed in Egypt's Suez Canal for a week after a giant cargo ship Evergreen got stuck. After a lot of effort from many countries, the ship was opened and the way opened. In this case, a 25-member Indian crew operating this ship is being made a scapegoat. The Egyptian government may soon arrest the Indian crew.

In the case of the Evergreen ship being trapped in the Suez Canal, officials have quoted the investigation report as saying that the human and technical disturbance is not responsible for the wind and bad weather behind it being trapped. Investigations are underway from the Egyptian government on the evergreen shipwreck and damage.

Indians are under house arrest

It has been learned from the sources that the 25-member Indian crew is being blamed for the damage caused by the ship being trapped. The Indian crew has been placed under house arrest until the investigation is complete. The crew will be removed from the giant ship Evergreen. The crew may soon be arrested.

Initially, a strong wind was told to be responsible

The ship named Evergreen got stuck diagonally in this small but very important waterway between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and the route was closed for the last seven days. Hundreds of ships were trapped at either end of the canal due to the closure of this route. The ship was evacuated after seven days of hard work. The company, which was initially operating the 220,000-tonne Evergreen, said the ship was stranded due to strong winds and inclement weather.

Let us know that the Evergreen ship was going to Port Rotterdam, Netherlands after loading the goods from China. The ship was passing through the Suez Canal but was stuck in the canal due to the strong and dusty wind. The 400-meter-long ship carried more than 2 lakh tons of cargo.