Indian-Americans celebrate Biden, Harris victory


Indian citizens of Indian origin appeared enthusiastic on Saturday after the results of the presidential elections were revealed. He said he felt "thrilled" after Joe Biden's election as the next President of the United States. He called the victory of Biden's Vice President Senator Kamala Harris a dream come true for his community.

Biden-Harris defeated outgoing President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in a fiercely contested election in which a record number of American voters exercised their franchise.

M. Rangaswamy, an Indian-American living in Silicon Valley and founder of Indiaspora, said immediately after the announcement of Biden and Harris's victory on behalf of various major US media platforms, "It's a big day for Indian-Americans." Joe Biden has a long record as a supporter of close ties with India. As a senator, he led efforts to get the US-India nuclear deal approved. Rangaswamy further said, as a Vice President he not only came to India but was also instrumental in appointing India as an important defense partner of America. He also supports a permanent seat for India in the UN Security Council.

Rangaswamy said, "Who would have thought that in the world's oldest democracy, the very young diaspora Indian American community will give a Vice President in such a short time." It is out of all our imagination, but it is the American dream. This is why expatriates come to America.

"The community will get direct representation at the executive level, with Harris, the first black female vice-president elected to hold the post," said Neha Dewan, national director of South Asian for Biden. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Harris are celebrating the hard-won victory of South Asia for Biden in this election.