India-US global cooperation will be reviewed in two plus two talks, blueprint for upcoming steps will be prepared


The 'Two Plus' Ministerial Dialogue between India and the US in New Delhi next week will review the progress made towards global cooperation between the world's two largest democracies. Sixty-one steps to be taken forward will also be prepared. This was said by a senior official of the administration led by US President Donald Trump.

The presidential election is scheduled for November 3 in the US and will be the last largest diplomatic dialogue of the Trump government before that. The top four cabinet ministers of India and America will participate in the two-day talks. It is likely to lay the foundation of the relations of the two countries for the next four years, no matter who wins the elections.

Senior US officials said that the State Department and the Defense Ministry say that the US has bipartisan support for relations with India. A senior administrative official said during a conference call organized by the Foreign Press Center in Washington DC that the two plus two talks will review the progress made in the overall strategic partnership between the US and India and chart out the next steps. Will go. The talks are expected to focus on four major issues this year. These issues are - global cooperation including cooperation and work on public health in the Indian Pacific, economic cooperation including cooperation in the field of energy and space, mutual relations between people, and defense relations.

He said that India and the United States are working together to bring the economy and bilateral trade back on track. The US International Development Finance Cooperation (UIDFC) has committed to providing $ 500 million in investment projects in India and recently hired a managing director in Mumbai to help expand investment in India and the region. . He said that joint efforts to develop the vaccine of Kovid-19 are continuing with remarkable progress. More than six US companies and institutions are trying to find vaccines in collaboration with Indian partners such as the Serum Institute of India. The official said that global cooperation also includes high-level dialogue. He said that China's growing aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific from the Himalayas to the South China Sea has made it even more important for us to work together with like-minded partners like India. Another senior administration official said that defense relations with India are very strong at the moment.

Quad is keen to strengthen the rules-based system in the Indian Pacific region

The United States says that India, Japan, Australia, and the United States group is not a coalition but a group of countries that are keen to strengthen the rule-based system in the Indo-Pacific region. The long-pending proposal was put into effect by the four countries in 2017 to counter China's aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. A senior US official said there is nothing in the quad that makes it an alliance. That form has not been given yet. There is no mutual obligation between the countries involved. It is also not an organization that requests membership. He said the quad ministerial talks held in Tokyo in October demonstrated strong ties between democratic countries in the Indo-Pacific region. He said that it is a group of countries that want a rule-based system in which all countries are sovereign, strong, and prosperous. It is a group of countries that move from shared obligations to more shared interests and values. This is an example of effective multilateralism.