India said in UN - use of wrong information for internal interference


India called on technology companies to ensure transparency and check misinformation on their forums, warning them that there was a growing trend of foreign interference in internal affairs through misinformation.

India said in the United Nations, the information revolution has also weakened the media with benefits

India's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations during the Araria-Formula meeting on media freedom organized by the Estonian Permanent Mission in Belarus. Nagraj Naidu said that the information revolution has benefited the media system as well as weakened it.

Today, the global economy of misinformation rests on complex interactions between data sets, algorithms, and information infrastructure created by technology companies, Naidu said.

These algorithms not only tell what information is available to different populations but also tell whom and with what frequency. He said, in such a situation, it is the responsibility of the technology companies to ensure that there is transparency on their forums and people do not get wrong information from their forums.