India on the sixth rank in teachers' appraisal, China on top


India ranks among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of teacher evaluation. India ranks sixth in a global survey of 35 countries. China tops this list. Apart from this, Ghana, Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia are above India.

According to a survey released last week by Britain's Warke Foundation, people have a different respect for teachers in India. Whenever teachers are referred to them, good ideas come to them. While evaluating teachers, most people think that teachers are the most reliable, intelligent, caring child and inspiration.

According to the Warke Foundation and the founder of the Global Teacher Prize, Sunny Warke, the report proves that honoring teachers is not just an important moral duty that is important for the country's better educational outcomes. Required for educational outcomes.

Around 1.5 billion students from schools and universities around the world have been affected by the Corona epidemic. In the current era, it is most important to ensure that people around the world get good teachers. The report is based on data from the Global Teacher Status Index of 35 countries in 2018.