India is fulfilling its promises on climate change: report


The rising temperature of the earth is a cause of concern for all the big countries worldwide. It also received several agreements in 2015 in the French capital Paris. Now according to a report, India has presented an example to the whole world with its participation on the issue of climate change. However, it is still lagging behind achieving the Paris Agreement.

Climate Transparency, an organization that monitors steps to curb climate change, has released a report detailing how India is meeting its targets. But right now India lags behind many countries.

India promised that by 2030 it would reduce carbon emissions from 33 to 35 percent. But it is a matter of concern that in a few years, the temperature of the earth is suddenly changing rapidly. At the same time, the average temperature of the Earth is still around 15 degrees Celsius.

Climate Transparency is a partnership of 14 research and NGOs around the world. It monitors the climate goals of the world's industrialized and rapidly emerging G20 countries and the steps taken to achieve them. At the same time, India is using solar energy for electricity generation.

Let me tell you, the Indian organization that provides solar energy to remote communities using tourism and technology has won the prestigious United Nations Award for combating climate change even in the midst of the Kovid-19 epidemic. The Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) is among the winners who have been awarded the UN Global Climate Action Award this year.