India and Pakistan will deal with the problem of locusts, both countries are victims of it


Of course, the conflict between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and terrorism persists, diplomatic relations are poor, but locust terror has troubled both countries. To tackle this ground problem, officials of both countries are working together to find a solution. This information was given by the Pakistani State Department spokesperson.

In fact, both India and Pakistan have been collaborating with other countries under the Food and Agriculture Organization to find a solution to this problem. There has been the tremendous terror of locusts in the desert areas of Southwest Asia and thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed by the attacks of these locusts. This time too large locusts have created tremendous terror in the border areas of India and Pakistan. Recently, apart from Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, Punjab was extremely worried about the attacks of these locusts and the state governments had even issued an alert.

Every year the locust terror is increasing

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ayesha Farooqui said in the meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in March it was decided to increase mutual dialogue among all its members and take some concrete steps towards solving this problem. Was decided This organization includes Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Apparently the desert areas in these four countries are in large tracts and locusts have been in havoc for many years.

To reduce this, these countries jointly formed a forum, but every year the terror of these locusts is increasing. This time it is more than ever. It is obvious that all the countries are engaged in fixing a strategy to deal with them in such a situation and save the crops of the farmers. Farooqui said that from the beginning Pakistan has been in favor of adopting a cooperative attitude and negotiating with all member countries on this issue. A Technical and Operational Coordination (TOC) team has been formed for this.

He hoped that the team of technical experts from India and Pakistan would join the TOC meeting every week and find a way out of this issue. Pakistan has been attending its meetings every week and giving its suggestions. Pakistan says that at least there should be a way of mutual coordination by aside each other's disputes on this issue and effective steps are being taken in this direction.