Increased capability: submersible tanks become the new strength of the Chinese Navy


China has inducted advanced lightweight Type-15 tanks into the Navy. These tanks can be landed at sea from warships. That is, these tanks are capable of attacking even in the sea. While developing the Type 15, China maintained its secrecy until 2018 by denying its existence.

Global Times and Asia Times reported in their reports, it can now be deployed not only inland combat by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) but also the Marine Corps of the Navy at sea. The tank with a speed of 70 kmph is designed for a fast attack. It was used in several joint international warfare exercises, including an escort mission in the Gulf of Aden and a rescue mission in Yemen. China's Central TV reported that the Tank Marine Corps brigade would help.

3 km firepower

These tanks are equipped with 105 mm rifle guns. Its capacity is being claimed to be 3 km. With this, armor-piercing high explosive, antitank, and high explosive rounds can be fired. It is designed to suit American tanks.

separate arrangement for the gunner

According to Chinese media, Type 15 has a stabilizer gun. With the help of a modern fire control system, ballistic computer, laser range finder, and thermal sight, the gunner can make better use of it.

sent to the western border

Several batches of Type 15 have been given to the Chinese Army in the last year. They are mainly placed in the army command in Tibet and Xinjiang. It is known to operate on high and hilly terrains, but being lightweight can also operate in difficult conditions where heavy battle tanks cannot be used. That is, it can also work in coastal areas, cities, forests, and waterlogged areas.