In this country, people suffering from Corona virus are being shot.


China, the world's largest population, now has an outbreak of the coronavirus. So far more than 1300 people have died due to this virus. The effect of this virus is now being seen in other countries of the world.

Special efforts are being made by various countries to avoid this, but there is one country where people suffering from Coronavirus are being shot.

This country is North Korea. North Korea's dictator government has sentenced a person who returned from China to death. The man suspected of coronavirus was shot in public. However, this person has not been investigated whether he was suffering from the coronavirus or not.

The killed person came to Korea from China. It was believed that this person was suffering from the Coronavirus. This person was seen in a place where going is against the rules of North Korea.

In North Korea, Kim Jong has enacted stricter laws for all people coming from China. The deceased had violated these laws. This person was seen in a public bathing place rather than in the isolation room.