In Japan, now husband and wife will not have to keep the same surname, the government is changing the law


In Japan, the law requires a husband and wife to have the same surname. If both surnames are different before marriage, after marriage, one has to compromise and put the surname in front of their name. But now the spouses who live there can get rid of this law.

Prime Minister Suga gave the assurance

In fact, the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga has assured the people of his country that they will change this law and they are also dedicated to this change. It is seen that due to possessing a surname, the wife has to compromise in most of the cases and she uses the surname of the husband.

Most people favor retaining the surname

Explain that this law is considered an anti-women law in Japan. In addition, the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Violence against Women has also supported Japan's decision. Recently a survey was done in Japan, which has revealed that most people in Japan are in favor of retaining their surname even after marriage.

The decision was taken after the survey

According to the information, in this survey people under 60 years were asked about changing the surname. Of these, 70.6 percent said that they would not have any problem that their spouse's surname is different. At the same time, the survey also revealed that 14.4 percent of people still believe that the surname of husband and wife should be the same.

Yoshihide is different from Suga's decision

Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's decision is different from his own party, the LDP. The party consists of conservative members, who are opposed to the decision to change the law. They believe that the unity of the family is affected by the separate surname of the husband and wife. However, the opposition party has welcomed the Prime Minister's decision.