Imran said that western countries are making pressure to spoil relations with China, know what he said about India


Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Western countries are continuously pressurizing him to choose China or him. He has mentioned this during a conversation with China's English news channel China Global Television Network (CGTN). This conversation of Imran Khan has also been shared on his Instagram account. In this, he has said that it is not right to create such pressure. He has also said that Pakistan has good relations with almost all the countries. Regarding China, he has made it clear during the conversation with the channel that its relations with China are very deep and it has neither changed nor will there be any further pressure. The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that why should he favor anyone when Pakistan has good relations with all countries.

In this conversation, he said that nothing is going to happen due to such pressure. Pakistan's relations with China will continue in Batur. There will be no change in this. Despite this, the western countries are constantly under pressure in this direction that Pakistan should support them by spoiling relations with China. When asked how he sees the relationship between the two countries for the region, he said that Pakistan has always had a special relationship with China. This relationship has strengthened over time.

Both have always been together on every front on the international stage. During this conversation, without naming India, he said that it is surprising that there is a lot of mutual enmity in this area, which everyone knows about. He said that America is very cautious about China. Both countries consider each other to be troublemakers. The reason for this is somewhere in the US-led quad group, which includes India.

Imran Khan has said that he does not forget how China has supported the country in every difficult time. Whether these problems were created by external countries or internally, China has stood firmly with Pakistan at all times. He said that everyone is with you in good times, but only what happens to you in bad times is remembered. That is why there is a feeling of respect and love for China in the hearts of the people of Pakistan. Apart from the governments of both the countries, the people of both the countries also have very good relations.