Impeachment: Accused based on video of January 6, the mob attacked Capitol Hill on Trump's orders


The impeachment hearing has started in the US Senate (Upper House) against former President Donald Trump. Thursday was the third day of the action of impeachment. Based on the video of the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, Democratic prosecutors claimed Trump had given orders for 'horrific riots' and sabotage.

For the first time in American history, impeachment proceedings have been initiated against a former president. In addition, he is the first President to face impeachment proceedings twice. Senate MP Jamie Ruskin accused Trump of inciting a rebel mob to riot in the Capitol. Many of his Democratic peers also supported it in the Senate. Ruskin said evidence would show that the former president is not innocent.

Evidence would suggest that Donald Trump, leaving his commander-in-China role, played the role of a kingpin who instigated a dangerous insurgency. Managers of the House of Representatives have only 16 hours to present their arguments. After this, Trump's lawyers will present their side and they will also get 16 hours only.

Indian Democrats in support of impeachment

Indian-American lawmakers have supported impeachment against Trump. MP Raja Krishnamurthy said, "The President provoked a mob that attacked our democratic institutions last month."

Today, he needs to be punished because on that day all the House members and workers had to flee to save their lives. Other Indian MPs Amy Berra, Ro Khanna, and Pramila Jaipal also supported the impeachment.

The crowd wanted to kill Nancy in the Capitol

Leaders of the Democratic Party in the US say that on January 6, police from the Capitol complex pulled out Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives because she was concerned about their safety. During the second impeachment hearing against Trump, prosecutors played an audiotape in which Pelosi personnel were heard shouting for help.

He also showed pictures showing the crowd trying to break down the door of Pelosi's office. Impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett said that if the rioters had got the Pelosi, they would have killed them.