Impact seen by Indians returning home, funds to be sent to India in 2020 will be reduced by nine percent


The World Bank has said on Thursday that due to the coronavirus epidemic and the global economic downturn, the amount remitted to India will fall by nine percent to the US $ 76 billion. There are a large number of Indian workers abroad, who send funds to India. However, it is natural for the citizens to return home due to the coronavirus.

The latest World Bank report states that China, Mexico, the Philippines, and Egypt are among the top five countries in 2020 after India in terms of remittances from abroad. Between 2019, there will be a 14 percent decrease in the amount of money sent by people working abroad to their homes compared to 2019, as the corona epidemic and economic crisis continue.

Mamta Murthy, vice president of human development and chair of the World Bank's Migration Operations Group, said the impact of the Kovid-19 is wider when viewed through the lens of migration because it is affecting migrants and their families badly, Are completely dependent on the money coming from.