Impact : More than 1.5 million children were orphaned worldwide due to corona epidemic


The coronavirus has made lakhs of children orphans. According to the report published in the Lancet, in the first 14 months of the epidemic, 15.62 lakh children in 21 countries of the world have lost their heads either mother or father or both. Out of these, 1,16,263 children are also from India who will never get the love of their parents.

25,500 children lost their mother, 90,751 lost their father and 12 lost both.

According to the report of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) of the US National Institutes of Health, 25,500 children in India lost their mothers, 90,751 fathers, while twelve children lost both their parents due to the corona epidemic.

Research by scientists of the US National Institutes of Health

Research has estimated that 11.34 lakh children worldwide have lost their parents or grandparents to the coronavirus. According to the report, 10.42 lakh children have lost their parents or both. Most of the children have lost either the mother or the father, the number of children who have lost both guardians is small. Research has also found that men have died more in every country than women.

More children orphans in six countries

According to the NIH report, South Africa, Peru, America, India, Brazil, and Mexico have the highest number of orphans. It has also been found in the survey conducted in India that there are 2,898 children who have lost their grandparents who used to care for and nurture them.

At the same time, there were nine children who have lost their caregivers to the epidemic. However, 0.5 percent of every 1000 children in India have lost their parents. Peru has 14.1, South Africa 6.4, Brazil 3.5, Russia 2.0, while in America 1.8% of children have lost their parents. NIDA director Nora de Volkov says drug addiction may increase among children who have lost their parents to the pandemic.