If won, we will unite democratic countries against dictatorial forces: Joe Biden


In the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden said, if he wins the election, he will organize a summit of democratic countries in the first year of his term to deal with the challenges of growing dictatorial forces in the world. Biden said Trump was embracing every autocratic person in the world, reducing America's credibility.

The Democratic candidate said, will hold a summit of democratic countries in the first term

Biden said on Sunday, "I will activate the democratic community against increasing totalitarianism in the world." The summit will be held to deal with the problem of election security, human rights, etc. On China's question, Biden said, trade, human rights, and security with China are three important issues. Trump is always bowed down to Chinese leaders.

He gave China a waiver and he started a trade war. Trump gave the go-ahead to forcibly keep millions of Chinese Uygar Muslims in camps. China's dictator government is oppressing minority Uigars. The whole world will have to unite against it. Biden accused Trump of failing to deal with the Corona epidemic. He said, no country can deal with an epidemic alone, but everyone looks at us and says in which direction we are going.

People of the Indian community came out in support of Biden

More than 1100 well-known personalities from the Asian and Indian communities have endorsed Joe Biden and Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris as the US election race approaches its final milestone. AAPI caucus chair in the Democratic National Committee Bel Leang Hong said, "Earlier, people of the Asian American and Pacific communities did not participate in the presidential election with this solidarity and enthusiasm."

Blacks appeal to vote

Biden is appealing for black voters to vote in person during the final round of campaigning. He is confident that his chances in the states will be strengthened by the large turnout. Biden campaigned in Philadelphia on Sunday and attended a show called 'Souls the Poles'. Republican candidates have been winning here for a long time, but Biden hopes that if a large number of black voters vote, the bet can be reversed.