Horrible : situation worsens in Malaysia, treatment on the ground, patients suffering for breath


Indonesia remains the epicenter of the corona epidemic. However, the situation is worse across Southeast Asia. The graph of deaths has increased due to uncontrollable infection. In Indonesia, the crisis of oxygen has started deepening in front of the crowd of patients, patients are suffering for every breath.

Due to the huge crowd of patients in Indonesia, the situation is worse than before

Due to the increase in the crowd, the situation has become worse than before. In Malaysia, treatment has come to the fore on the ground and stretcher. In Myanmar, the process of burial of dead bodies continues day and night in funeral sites and cemeteries.

Aapbeeti: Death was dancing in front of the hospital

I am Eric Lam (38) from Selangor, the richest and most populous city in Malaysia. Corona infection was confirmed on 17 June. When the condition started getting worse, when he reached the hospital, seeing the view there, death started dancing in front. People were being treated on the ground. People were crying out for a breath.

Stayed in the hospital for three weeks. The most frightening moment was when the machine engaged to a patient was beeping continuously. Two hours later the nurse came and turned off the machine. Then it came to know that the patient had died two hours earlier and I was on the bed next to the corpse.

As if I have got a second birth!

Lam explains that he has come out of the mouth of death. Due to the worsening of the situation, he was on a ventilator for several days but life was won. Although I have lost my father and wife, two of my brothers while one is still battling for life and death on a ventilator. Seeing the condition of hospitals and patients, courage gives the answer.

The result of negligence is...

Abhishek Rimal, Emergency Health Coordinator of the Red Cross Asia Pacific in Malaysia, says that the results of low vaccination rates, local negligence, and lack of health facilities are beginning to come to the fore. Hospitals are full, people are yearning for beds and treatment but it has become impossible to give timely treatment to all. The situation is such that whatever you do, it has become very difficult to save lives.

WHO recommends strict lockdown in Indonesia?

In Indonesia the infection is uncontrollable. Meanwhile, the government there has announced relief in restrictions. The WHO on Thursday recommended a strict lockdown in Indonesia to prevent the infection from becoming uncontrollable.

The WHO has said that the infection in Indonesia is uncontrollable. In the last five weeks, the speed of infection has increased five times. The number of daily deaths has crossed 1300, which is much more than the daily deaths in all countries in the world. In view of this, there is a need for strict lockdown in thirteen out of 34 provinces so that people's lives can be secured.