Hope: No longer required to wear a mask in Israel, the first country in the world to give such an order


The coronavirus spread from China is creating a furor in the world today. At the end of 2019, the coronavirus spread from the Wuhan city of China. The infection spread at such a dangerous pace that it caught millions of people and millions of people died before it.

To avoid corona, the World Health Organization called wearing masks an effective weapon before becoming a vaccine. Today's era is such that everyone is required to wear masks but Israel is going to become the first country in the world where orders have been given not to wear masks.

Yes, the administration in Israel has ordered people not to wear masks. In Israel, 81 percent of the people have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine, after which the administration has given this decision. After this government order, people removed masks from their faces and expressed their happiness on social media.

In Israel, 81 percent of people over 16 years of age have received both Corona vaccines. At the same time, there has been a sharp decline in the number of patients getting corona infection and hospitalization here. However, strictness is still in force in Israel. The entry of foreigners and entry of people without vaccination is limited.

The Ministry of Health informed that Israel has detected seven cases of new Indian variants in the country and these are being investigated. Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that at the moment we are leading the world in the cases of coronavirus winning. However, he further said that the fight with Corona is not over yet and it may return further.

Let us know that the population of Israel is less than one crore and so far more than eight lakh cases have been reported here, whereas more than six thousand people have died due to Kovid.