Hong Kong : Former Senior Editor of Apple Daily Lam Men Chung arrested by National Security Police


The National Security Police has arrested Lam Men Chung, a former editor of the now-defunct pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily. A few weeks earlier, the newspaper had to cease operations after its assets were confiscated. Chung is the eighth person linked to the newspaper to be arrested in recent weeks.

Apple Daily's executive editor-in-chief Lam Men Chung has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to collude with foreign forces to endanger national security, the South China Morning Post newspaper quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Let us tell you that the 26-year-old Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily has closed. Its last copies were sold in a few hours to millions. This newspaper has been opposing China's repressive policies for years.

This Chinese-dominated metropolis had given an emotional farewell to the Apple Daily newspaper, which became the voice of democracy. When the last issue of Apple Daily, which had become the voice of the pro-democracy movement, came out, thousands of people were seen queuing up to buy it and save it.

The enthusiasm for getting a copy of the newspaper was so much that Apple Daily, with a regular circulation of 80,000 copies, printed one million copies, but fell short. This last copy of the Apple Daily for the citizens of Hong Kong with a population of 7.5 million was a symbol of a voice against China's suppression of democracy. He saved it like a trophy.

Apple Daily reported that the police have sealed its resources worth about Rs 17 crore. Five chief editors are arrested, several officers are in custody, it is not possible to print the newspaper.

The newspaper was accused of endangering China's national security by meeting foreigners. Its closure is a clear example of Beijing's clutching of autonomous Hong Kong.