History created in space… For the first time, only female astronauts have walked a spacewalk without a male astronaut


For the first time in space, only women have created a new history by walking. This is the first time in the history of the US space agency NASA that a pair of two female astronauts have walked a spacewalk without a male astronaut.

American astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Mir become the first female partners to spacewalk. The historic incident took place outside the International Space Station when Christina and Jessica were seen strolling into space outside the station to replace a broken battery charger.

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The mission was supposed to start in March this year, but NASA had only one medium size suit. In fact, among the clothes that NASA had for astronauts, only women-male pair size clothes were there.

421st spacewalk made history.

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So far there have been 420 spacewalks in space, in which every time men have been involved in some form or the other. However, this history was created in the 421st spacewalk, when only women wrote this text. All four men on the International Space Station remained inside, while Christina and Jessica walked the space to change the battery charger. The battery charger was damaged when a male member installed new batteries outside the station last week. So far 15 women in space have walked a spacewalk with a male partner.

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Batteries needed when sunlight is not available

The space station is powered by solar energy. However, when it cannot get direct sunlight, it needs batteries. In such a situation, the passengers living on the space station control the batteries.