Heritage: Mummy's grand parade on the streets of Egypt, got 21 guns salute


The mummies of Egypt's 18 kings and four queens were moved to the new National Museum three thousand years later amid the grand The Faroe Golden Parade on Saturday. 18 pharaohs and four other royal family members were brought from trucks to museums in air-conditioned boxes. These celebrities were buried about three thousand years ago in the Valley of Kings, Late-el-Bahri.

The royal parade marked Mummy's parade, including King Ramses-2, King Seknaire Tao, King Thutmose-3, King Seti-1 Queen Hatsapushut, Queen Maritamen, and Queen Ahmose Nefertari.

Tight security arrangements were made to bring these mummies of the Rajshahi family to the new museum. The Rajshahi tune was also played with colorful laser lights with a salute of 21 guns in honor of Shahi Mami. His name was also written attractively on the chariots. Security forces were marching on horses while big celebrities were driving in vehicles behind Mami.

The president is present

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi welcomed all the mummies to the new museum. He said that this scene is the result of the greatness of the people. The protection of this particular civilization is our moral responsibility because it is our history and beauty.

20 mummies will be sold

Most of the mummies in the parade were from the ancient New Kingdom, which ruled from 1539 BCE to 1075 BCE. Out of this, 20 will be mummies. While two will be protected.