Healthy Breakfast: If you want to avoid diseases, then include these 7 healthy foods in breakfast every day.


If you want to be healthy, then definitely have breakfast in the morning. Are you confused to make breakfast every day in the morning that what to eat for breakfast today? We tell you what breakfast should be like. Breakfast should not only be tasty and filling, but it should also be full of nutrients, so that you stay energized throughout the day and your digestion is also good. A healthy breakfast not only keeps your mood right but also keeps you healthy. Waking up in the morning, you should have breakfast within two hours, by doing this you will not remain empty stomach as well as your body will get energy. Your breakfast doesn't have to be the same every day. Let us know what things we should include in breakfast every day for seven days a week.

1. Eat Idli and Sambar on the first day of the week:

Carbs are present in rice present in idli and protein is present in sambar dal. If you use idli sambar in breakfast, then you get a good amount of protein and carbs in the morning. The coconut present in the sambar chutney gives the necessary fat. You can start the first day of the week with Idli and Sambar.

2. Eat Oatmeal on the second day of the week:

Apart from being a light breakfast, porridge is also extremely healthy. The fiber present in oatmeal gives energy to the body, as well as keeps digestion healthy. You can also use porridge in the form of khichdi and kheer.

3. Eat Paratha and Curd on the third day of the week:

We get 60% carbs from wheat paratha, while we get many types of vitamins from paneer, onion, and potato paratha. Breakfast in the morning keeps your hunger at bay for a long time.

4. Eat Upma and Poha on the fourth day of the week:

Upma and Poha are very healthy snacks. You can add peas, onions, potatoes, and other vegetables of your choice to make this snack more delicious and nutritious. Everyone likes this breakfast prepared with semolina. You can also use peanuts and flaxseeds to make it more healthy.

5. Eat Moong Dal Cheela on the fifth day of the week:

Moong dal is considered the healthiest. This lentil protects from the disease of sugar. Moong dal chilla is low fat, healthy, and very nutritious.

6. Eat Fenugreek Thepla on the 6th day of the week:

Theplas are very tasty and healthy food for breakfast. This Gujarati breakfast is made with whole wheat flour. It contains fiber from wheat and protein, iron and vitamins from fenugreek. It can also be cooked without using ghee or oil to make it less calorie.

7. Eat Dhokla on the seventh day of the week:

Dhokla is made from gram flour, it contains nutritious elements like fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, folate, vitamin B6 and thiamin. This breakfast prepared by boiling is very useful for health. It is very light in food and gives energy to the body.