Health Tips: Know from Ayurvedacharya how to increase the oxygen level sitting at home, the consumption of camphor cloves is beneficial.


In the coronary period, it is very important that our oxygen levels remain balanced. According to Ayurvedacharya, where camphor, clove, and eucalyptus oil can prove to be helpful in relieving infections like colds, coughs, while it is not necessary to increase the oxygen level by smelling it. Consumption of decoction definitely increases the level of oxygen in the blood and cloves are also added to the decoction. We can definitely increase our oxygen levels by doing yoga every day, taking a walk in fresh air as well as consuming some things. In order to increase the level of oxygen, it is necessary to consume a diet rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin C daily.


The use of camphor is beneficial when there is a closed nose, difficulty in breathing, itching in the nose, and sneezing again and again. Apart from smelling camphor, you can get relief from this problem by taking steam. Camphor is also used in many balms used for colds.


Although there are many benefits of consuming cloves, if roasted clove is smelled, it gives relief in cough and cold. Sore throat is removed, so if there is no harm from smelling cloves in the coronary but it has no direct connection to increasing oxygen.

Nilgiri oil

Eucalyptus oil has anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil proves beneficial for eradicating cold and cold infections. It is also used in many medicines. By smelling it, the bacteria present in the nose and throat are eliminated. It is also considered beneficial in cough.

To increase oxygen levels, consume these things-


Taking a decoction of jaggery, basil, clove, ginger, and black pepper improves oxygen levels by drinking. Oxygen level starts to improve by consuming it in small amounts every day, so take the decoction. If you do not have decoction in summer, do not consume it in large amounts.

Eat apples

Start the day by eating an apple. Eating it every day improves oxygen levels. Vitamin C is found in it and iron is also present, which increases the level of oxygen in the blood, so if you want to increase your oxygen level, then consume one apple every day.

Sprouted grains

Include sprouted grains in your breakfast. There is a good amount of fiber in them. Anti-oxidants are found in them, so eat a bowl of sprouted grains daily. Try to consume fresh grains. This will prove more beneficial for you. Many patients consume them for the treatment of respiratory problems.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Rajat Salunke, a doctor at Ashtavinayak Clinic. Doctor Rajat Salunke has been practicing for the last 16 years. He holds his degree from Karamveer Venkatrao Tanaji Randhir Ayurved College, Maharashtra.

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