Health: law changed on food allergies in America, mole(Til) included in the banned list


In the US, sesame has now been included in the list of food allergens. Companies will have to warn of the product being sesame and allergic to it. US President Joe Biden has signed the Faster Act related to it.

So far, nine foods have been listed in the US, including sesame, as the cause of allergies. If they are added to a product, then the company will have to inform them about the danger.

The remaining eight foods include milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, and tree nuts. According to the US government, these nine foods are responsible for 90 percent of the allergens caused by food items in the country.

Experts believe that after changing the law, people suffering from sesame allergy will get a big relief. Till now it was not included in the list, because of this, the people of allergy used to take the product of sesame in unknown and had to go to the hospital.

Must write on the label by 2023

Under the Faster Act, the growers have been given 20 months. They will have to write a warning of allergies to the product and allergies from January 1, 2023. However, some companies started giving this information from now on. Actually, this law related to food allergies came into existence in 2004. Now it was revealed that there is also an allergy to sesame seeds.

Indian experts say ... not particularly

Herbal expert and scientist Dr. Deepak Acharya says that there are no specific reasons for allergy to sesame. Many people are allergic to different things, someone may be allergic to a compound. Sesame is included in the US Grass Status. It is rich in lignan, omega three, and vitamins.

1.1 million people allergic to America

According to a study done in 2019, about 11 lakh people in the US are allergic to food. About 25 percent of them are suffering from sesame allergy. They also have children younger than five years old.