Good news on corona vaccine, vaccination program will begin in the US from December 11 or 12


There has been news from the US about the Corona epidemic in the world amidst the chaos. Immunization programs may begin soon in the US. It has been informed by the White House that the work of introducing the Kovid-19 vaccine can start in the country from 11 or 12 December.

Pfizer asked for the emergency use of the vaccine

On Friday, the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNotech applied to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to seek emergency permission for their Kovid-19 vaccine. The FDA vaccine advisory committee is scheduled to meet on 10 December. There may be a decision on this.

Vaccines will reach centers in 24 hours

Dr. Monsef Slau, head of the Corona Virus Vaccination Program in the US, said that we plan to bring vaccines to vaccination centers within 24 hours of approval, so I think the vaccination program from December 11 or 12, two days after the approval. will begin.

The vaccine is 95 percent effective

This vaccine has been developed by the American companies Pfizer and BioNotech. This vaccine has been found to be 95 percent effective. According to reports, Pfizer has stated the price of one dose of this drug in the US at $ 20, or about 1500 rupees.

More than 1.20 crore infected

Explain that America is badly affected by Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University, total corona cases in the US have crossed 10 million, while more than 2.5 lakh patients have died due to this virus.