Good news for insect-eating people, yellow grub included in the safe source


Insects are good news for those who eat macros as food. In Europe, yellow grub has been approved as a safe source of food for humans. It was announced by the European Food Safety Agency.

The European Food Safety Agency decided that yellow grub can be used entirely in other dishes such as biscuits, pasta, bread-making flour in curries.

At the same time, beetle larvae have already been used as a food item in Europe as food bugs. According to the European Food Safety Agency, rich in protein, fat, and fiber, many insects are likely to be included on European plates in the coming years.

At the same time, people from around the world already enjoy pest-based burgers and other grub-based foods in parts of Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pests are often seen as a sustainable food source for the future, a 297 million euros industry and likely to double or triple by 2024.