Global Covid-19 case: this figure of infection is more dangerous, global figure of 14 million


The deadly and deadly coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world. So far more than 14 crore people have come under the grip of this infection, while the death toll due to this is more than 3 million. According to Johns Hopkins University,

As of Monday morning, the number of global infections has increased to 14,11,13,721 while the death toll is 30,17,412.

The worst situation in the world is in the United States, where the total number of infected people is 31,668,532 and the number of dead is 567,217. India ranks second in the world in terms of infections, 14,788,109 cases have been reported so far. The names of these countries in more than 2 million cases are Brazil (13,943,071), France (5,350,520), Russia (4,649,044), Britain (4,403,060), Turkey (4,268,447), Italy (3,870,131), Spain (3,407,283), Germany (3,155,522) ), Argentina (2,694,014), Poland (2,688,025), Colombia (2,652,947), Mexico (2,305,602) and Iran (2,237,089).

Brazil is second in deaths due to Kovid infection where 373,335 deaths have been reported so far. There are more than 50,000 deaths in these countries - Mexico (212,339), India (177,150), Britain (127,518), Italy (116,927), Russia (103,834), France (100,892), Germany (79,979), Spain (76,981) ), Colombia (68,328), Iran (66,732), Poland (62,032), Argentina (59,228), Peru (56,797) and South Africa (53,736).