Ginsburg dies: during the rally Trump and Biden could not get information


Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg died before Donald Trump's campaign, but the US President could not find it. Ginsburg was a judge of the Supreme Court of America.

No one informed Trump about this. During a campaign in Bemidji, Minnesota, Trump was voicing his opinion on a number of topics, but he did not get the news. His fans had already received information about the demise of Justice.

During the rally, Trump claimed that Minnesota would be filled with refugees if Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden became president. He told attendees during his campaign that no one won the presidential election on November 3, it is certain that one or more judges are expected to be selected for the High Court.

Biden also campaigned in Minnesota on Friday but had left the rally by the time Ginsberg's death was reported. When Trump went out after campaigning, reporters informed him of Ginsburg's demise. To this he said, I did not know, I got this information from you.

His personality was brilliant, Trump said. You may or may not agree with her, but she was a woman of brilliant personality.

There was a terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 in the US. Unaware of the incident, then-President George W. Bush was reading a children's book in front of students at a school during campaigning in Florida. At the same time, an assistant came to him and told him that America has been attacked.

During the rally, Trump was not aware of Ginsburg's death and was expressing his views on various topics. White House adviser Ben Williamson tweeted that the White House flag was half-tilted in honor of Ginsburg.