George Bush criticizes army withdrawal, Afghanistan says Taliban's claim of occupation of trading city on Pak border wrong


The Taliban continues to dominate the security forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban has claimed that it has captured the important highway leading to Pakistan and the trading town of Spin Boldak along the Pakistan border. Along with this, he has intensified the struggle for the capture of cities like Kandahar, Taluka, Kunduj, Kala-i-Nav.

The Taliban said it had gained control of an important route to and from Pakistan and the border trading town of Spin Boldak. From this trading town, there is a highway to Pakistan. Every day more than nine hundred trucks move across the border from here. It is an important city for trade between the two countries. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed the occupation of the trading city.

The Afghan government has denied this claim. People say that a fierce struggle is going on between the two. It's hard to say who got caught. This city comes in Kandahar province. Experts believe that the Afghan government has a huge loss of revenue due to the Taliban occupation.

George Bush criticizes army withdrawal

According to the AP, former US President George W Bush has criticized the army withdrawal. He said in an interview with the German media that of course, the consequences would be very bad. They are also concerned about the safety of women.

Siege of the capital of many provinces

According to IANS, the Taliban have also laid siege to the capital of several provinces. The struggle continues over the city of Kandahar. Fierce fighting is going on from both sides over Talukan, capital of Takhar province, Kunduz capital of Kunduz province, and Kala-i-Naw, capital of Badghis province. Controversy continues over Ghajini. Young children are also becoming victims of violence in Kandahar.

A doctor of Mirwaiz Hospital said that 18 injured people have come in the last 24 hours. These include nine children. An army official said the Taliban's attempt to capture the taluk city had failed. Taliban terrorists have fled here leaving the bodies of 12 terrorists. The Taliban have captured three districts of Bamiyan and Ghazni provinces.

Talks between Taliban and the Afghan government in Doha

According to the AP, talks of a high-level delegation of the Afghan government with the Taliban are about to begin once again in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the Afghan Reconciliation Council, will participate in the talks. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai is also expected to participate in the talks.

More than 35 lakh people may migrate if violence increases

According to Pretr, the United Nations Refugee Organization (UNHRC) has said that more than three million Afghan citizens have fled since January. If this situation of violence continues, the number of refugees will exceed 3.5 million.

Taliban in touch with Al Qaeda

According to ANI, Wahid Umar, an adviser to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, has said that the Taliban have strong ties with Al Qaeda. Together they are fighting a battle against our security forces. This is a clear violation of the agreement between the US and the Taliban.

China said the Taliban should not be in contact with other terrorists

According to Pretr, China has said that the Taliban should stay away from Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. China's concern is about the Uighur Muslim militant organization operating in Xinjiang province, which has links with al-Qaeda. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in Dushanbe that the civil war in Afghanistan should be avoided. To avoid this situation, it is very important to have a dialogue between all the parties.