Gaza attack: The remains of an Indian nurse who was the victim of a rocket attack in Israel reached India


The remains of 30-year-old Indian nurse Soumya Santhosh, who fell victim to the rocket attack of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, reached the New Delhi Airport. Earlier, the Indian embassy said in a tweet, "A plane carrying the remains of Soumya's body left from Ben-Gurion Airport at around 7 pm on Friday evening. The aircraft is expected to reach Delhi on Saturday morning.

Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralitharan and Deputy Ambassador of Israel Yedildia Klein were present here at the airport in Delhi. Today, these remains will be sent from Delhi to Idukki, the home district of Saumya in Kerala.

Soumya was working as a nurse for an 80-year-old elderly woman in a house in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon, Israel. Saumya was talking with her husband over a video call when Hamas militants launched a rocket attack on Ashkelon from Gaza City on Monday evening. The rocket fell directly on the same house, due to which Soumya died.

However, a sick elderly woman is injured, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Soumya, who has been working in Israel for the past seven years, has a 9-year-old son, who lives in Kerala along with her husband.

Israeli Air Defense System came into technical trouble

Some media reports claimed that the Iron Dome Battery, an all-weather Israeli air defense system capable of detecting and preventing attacks from small range rockets, had a technical flaw when Hamas militants hit the coastal city. Suddenly a large number of rockets were dropped towards. Due to this disturbance, the system failed to intercept some rockets, one of which caused Soumya's death.

Ashkelon Mayor Tomar Glam also stated on Army radio that 25 percent of the citizens were out of reach of the safe zone at the time of the rocket attack on the city. He said, the area has houses built in 1960, which do not have basic security. It is time for treasury officials and policymakers to understand what is happening in the city.