Gandhiji's granddaughter is doing this work in America! you will be shocked to know


Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi is not an idol of any identity. The whole world knows Mahatma Gandhi very well. But do you know the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, who is currently living in America? Almost everyone will be unaware of this.

Mahatma Gandhi's granddaughter's name is Medha Gandhi. Medha was born in America and she keeps posting her pictures on social media. Medha is always in the headlines due to the stylish lifestyle. Mahatma is the daughter of Gandhi's younger son Kantilal, who seems to be Gandhi's granddaughter in the relationship.

Gandhi's granddaughter Medha was born in America, so she is legally US citizenship.

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Medha works as a DJ in Boston and along with this, she has also directed many TV shows. Medha also works as a comedy writer and writing parodies in the US.