Gallery Test : World's fastest and easiest blood test, can save 37 lakh lives annually


A revolutionary start has been made in the UK to detect cancer before it even appears. The country's National Health Service (NHS) has launched the world's fastest and easiest blood test, which can detect 50 types of cancer in the body. If the test is successful, it will prove to be very helpful in the fight against cancer. According to estimates, if the treatment of this deadly disease is started on time, then 37 lakh lives can be saved annually in the world.

Provided by healthcare company Grail, this 'gallery test' looks for early signs of cancer in the blood. There are plans to recruit 1.40 lakh volunteers from eight UK areas for the trial so that its potential can be better explored for widespread use. Sir Harpal Kumar, Indian-origin President of Grail Europe, said, "The gallery test can not only detect cancer but also give high accuracy information about the part of the body in which the disease is spreading.

Able to find even difficult cancers

Research has shown that the gallery test is effective in detecting hard-to-detect head, neck, colon, lung, pancreatic, and throat cancers at an early stage. This probe captures chemical changes in fragments of the genetic code of cell-free DNA, which are leaked into the bloodstream by the associated tumor.

Timely detection of three-quarters of cancers... UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said early detection of the disease with this test can save many lives. At the same time, NHS Executive Officer Amanda Prichard said, this test could be a revolutionary step towards the detection and early treatment of cancer worldwide. If the test is successful, three-quarters of cancers will be detected even before signs and symptoms appear.

Results will come by 2023... The preliminary results of the study on this are expected to come by 2023. If successful, the NHS plans to research one million people in the UK in 2024 and 2025. Organization 5 of different races and backgrounds