French doctors amazing work, Transplant both of hands which are scorched by current


For the first time in the world, the God physicians of the earth have made a new record by transplanting both hands from the shoulders. Two decades ago, on 12 January 1998, Felix Gretarsen (48), an electrician from Iceland, suffered a severe burn when he was working on an eleven thousand volt line.

In this incident, both his hands had to be cut off from the shoulder. The patient's age at the time of the incident was just 26 years. There were a total of 50 medical staff in the team of experts from five different hospitals to carry out the world's largest organ transplantation.

Doctors did not take much time to extract and transplant the organ from the donor, so formed such a large team. Under this, this complex operation was successfully carried out in just 15 hours. It is claimed to be the first case of implantation of both hands along the shoulder.

Patient improvement

The greatest emphasis during the operation was to prevent infection in which the doctors were successful. The patient is perfectly healthy. Doctors are seeing better improvement in that. A large team of physicians is monitoring the blood flow in the patient's shoulder and arm.

Three months after the incident was in a coma

Gretastern's hand was severely scorched from the shoulder due to the current. The infection did not spread throughout the body and its doctors had cut it off from the shoulder. He was in a coma three months after this operation. Gretastern's wife, Sylvia, did not expect Gretastern to return to normal life.