France got the support of the world against terrorism, UAE-Iran also condemned


There is outrage across the country over the killing of three people, including two women, outside a church in the city of Nice, France. France has called it a terrorist incident. All the countries of the world are standing with France regarding this.

The UAE Foreign Ministry has issued a statement strongly condemning these criminal acts against terrorism. The ministry said it permanently rejects all forms of violence.

Iran's Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has condemned this deadly knife attack. He has tweeted and said, "We strongly condemn the terrorist attack in the city of Nice."

Apart from Iran, UAE, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also condemned the attack. He tweeted that all civilized countries should stand in solidarity with France.

At the same time, President Donald Trump of the world's most powerful country supported France and said that America stands with its oldest ally in this battle.

Trump tweeted that our heart is with the people of France. America stands with its oldest ally in this battle. These radical Islamic terrorist attacks should be stopped immediately.

Significantly, some Islamic countries and organizations have opened a front against France. Because the French government has taken strict steps to close some mosques. Outrage has come to light in many Muslim countries. But the support of an Islamic country like UAE to France is considered a big thing.