Four-year-old British Sikh girl joins excellent IQ children's club


A four-year-old British Sikh girl is included in the Menasa Membership Club of Children with Excellent Intelligence (IQ). Dayal Kaur lives in Birmingham with her family. She displayed an extraordinary ability to learn from a very early age and she began to recognize all the letters of the English alphabet by the age of 14 months.

Dayal Kaur expressed her eagerness to join the MENSA investigation and due to the lockdown enforced by the Coronavirus, it went online and achieved a score of 145 IQ. This achievement put him in the top one percent population of Britain, which is an extraordinary gift of nature.

"We are happy to welcome Dayal Kaur to Maines, where she was added to the community of around 2000 junior and teen members," said John Stevens, CEO of British Mensah.

Dayal Kaur's father Sarabjit Singh is a teacher. He said that now it has been officially proved that he is far more talented than his age. Now it is natural for us to feel that our baby girl is special, but in this case, it is a real proof that she is one in a million.