Found an effective way to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene, will be beneficial for industries


Scientists have received a major achievement on the carbon dioxide front. Now scientists can easily convert greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into ethylene. This will benefit industries or countries that their dependence on fossil resources will be reduced.

A team of researchers from the Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California-Los Angeles has demonstrated a technique to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene. Now with its help, the increasing amount of carbon dioxide which is bothering the world will be utilized to make the precious substance ethylene easily and at a low cost.

Copper wires will be used in technology

The study, published in Nature Catalyst, supports the fact that this technique will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Scientists at the University of California-Los Angeles have used nanoscale copper wires, such as copper wires, that have a specially shaped surface.

The copper wire was able to act as a catalyst for this one chemical reaction, in which greenhouse gases emit less but produce ethylene. Computer calculations of this reaction revealed that certain types of catalysts produce ethylene better than hydrogen or methane.

Solutions will be found for these challenges

Yu Huang, the co-senior author of this study and professor of material science and engineering at UCLA, says fossil fuels have reached the brink of extinction on Earth. Apart from this, climate change is also posing many challenges.

The professor said that a substance that effectively transforms greenhouse gases into a value-adding fuel and chemical feedstock would prove to be a very important step to reduce global warming. This will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. These integrated experiments and theoretical analyses show a sustainable path for the use of carbon dioxide.

What is the role of ethylene in the world?

Currently, the global production of ethylene is 158 million tonnes. Most of it is used to make polyethylene. Ethylene is made from natural gas like hydrocarbons. Ethylene is mostly used for plastic packaging.

Will this study benefit?

William A. Goddard III, co-author of this study, and Charles and Mary Ferkel, Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Applied Physics at Caltech, say that the idea of ​​catalyzing this process and using copper is quite old but important in this study Later the rate of this reaction had to be accelerated enough to make industrial production possible.

He says that this study shows a concrete path that has the potential to transform ethylene production into a green industry by using carbon dioxide. Earlier, an attempt has been made to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene twice using copper.

For the first time, it produced hydrogen and methane, which were not useful for industrial production. Ethylene was produced in the second time but it did not last long. However, this is the third time researchers have got success in this.