Former French Prime Minister Francois Files and his wife convicted in fraud case


Former French Prime Minister François Filles and his wife have been convicted by a Paris court in a fraud case. The former prime minister was found guilty of giving public money to their wife and children for work that he had never done.

The court verdict states that since 1998, the family has been paid more than 1 million euros. After the judgment was pronounced, the husband and wife immediately appealed against it. The 66-year-old Films faces five years in prison and a fine of 3.75 lakh euros. Although imprisoned for three years. He has also been banned from contesting elections for 10 years.

He will not be arrested until the appeal is pending. At the same time, his 64-year-old wife, Penelope Films, has been convicted of involvement in the crime. He has been given a three-year suspended sentence and an equal fine. François Fils has been Prime Minister of France from 2007 to 2012. This corruption was revealed just before the presidential election in 2017. Films were at the forefront of the presidential election race then.