Florida Building Collapse: Death toll rises to 18, 145 still missing, 24-hour relief work underway


Relief work is still underway after a 12-story building collapsed seven days ago in the Florida seaside town of Surfside. So far the death toll here has risen to 18.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levin Cava said officials feared 145 people were missing. He said that among the 18 dead, two children are also included, whose age is 10 and 4 years. He said the death of the children is very sad. Our community, our country, and the world all mourn with these families who have lost their loved ones.

According to officials engaged in relief work, they are still hopeful of finding survivors. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said in an interview that he had promised the families that rescue teams would not leave anyone behind as teams continued to excavate the rubble. Giving information, he said that we have not yet reached the surface of the debris. Because of which it is difficult to guess right now what is there. We are constantly looking for the survivors in that rubble. A large part of the debris is being cleared every day, which means work is in progress.

The search and rescue team present at the spot for relief work comprises about 200 experts. Firefighters, police, engineers, environmental safety experts, and other aides are engaged in the work, along with hundreds of other personnel. Also, two teams of sniffing dogs are helping in scavenging the debris. In this, one is being used to find survivors, while the other is being used to locate dead bodies. Significantly, a report prepared by engineering firm Morabito Consultants before the building safety recertification process in 2018 found deficiencies on the 12th floor of the building, which is now the focus of the investigation.