Five new creatures found in Tibet, unique white cheeks monkey found in the area adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh


Five new creatures have been discovered in the Himalayas in Tibet. These creatures are not found anywhere else on earth. They also have a unique white cheeky macaque monkey, which has been found near the border with Arunachal, India. The current discovery is said to be the result of an expedition to search for wildlife for eight years.

China considers Tibet in the possession of China as its autonomous region, here the regional forest department carried out this study. These areas are generally considered devoid of life because of contrasting conditions. This was the second study of its kind according to the Chinese government media Global Times and was carried out by around 900 studyers in an area of ​​6346 sq km.

These creatures were discovered

A special type of macaque monkey: It is placed in the lineage of the old-time Grigorius monkeys. It is distinguished by white cheeks. It was first seen in 2015.

Snake: A snake named Protobothropes Himalayanus of the Bushmaster species was discovered. This one and a half meter long and red-headed snake is poisonous and was first seen in 2012.

Frog: Three species of frogs have also been discovered in Tibet.

20 organisms found for the first time in Tibet: The researchers also found 20 organisms for the first time in Tibet.