First flight to India to take its citizens from India as soon as the travel ban is removed; 80 citizens returned home


On Saturday, a flight landed from India in Darwin, Australia, in which 80 citizens returned to their country. In fact, given the outbreak of the second wave of Corona, the Australian government banned all flights coming from India, including its citizens, for two weeks. There was a lot of criticism of the government on this. Flights have been launched by the Australian government to return its citizens stranded in India.

Qantas jet landed at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base at 9 am local time. On the first flight back to the country, 150 Australian citizens living in India were booked, of which about half of the passengers came to Corona Test positive and were prevented from returning to their country. Australia's High Commissioner in India Barry O'Farrell said, "On Friday, many passengers were stopped from traveling in the first flight from India to Australia because they were found infected in the Corona Test." In this order, a total of 70 people were prevented from boarding the flight. Of these 46, Kovid was testing positive and 24 people came in contact with him.

Citizens returning to the country will be quarantined at Howard Springs Center. Passengers boarding this flight were required to show a report of the negative Kovid test before boarding. It was mandatory to undergo a PCR test and then a rapid antigen test two days ago.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, worldwide Kovid-19 figures have crossed 161.5 million by Saturday morning and the number of deaths has increased to more than 33.5 million.