Experts said : Hesitation about vaccines, not Delta, brought America at the crossroads


After a brief respite, America is again at the crossroads of the epidemic these days. On average, 51 thousand cases are being registered daily in the country, which is four times as compared to the previous month. Even though the delta form is being blamed for this, but in reality, vaccine denial and years-old hesitation in America are more responsible.

Experts say that if more and more population had got the vaccines, then the alpha, delta, or any other form of the corona would not have dominated. But now due to the ever-increasing cases, it is believed that the country may again have to face the flood of patients in hospitals, from pressure on health workers to unnecessary deaths.

According to statistics, 30 percent of adults have not received a single dose of vaccine to date. In some parts of the US, this percentage is even higher. America, the superpower, has a very effective and sufficient amount of vaccines. But surprisingly, Americans have a much higher rate of hesitation about vaccines than any other country except Russia.

Every fifth new case from Florida

Health experts, who have been warning for several months about the re-spread of the epidemic, have not received much attention. For example, Bill Hannes, a researcher at the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, said in January that cases could increase as summer approaches in Florida. This is visible in the current situation because every fifth new infection case across the country is coming from Florida.

Pandemic not limited to Delta

Experts say that the corona epidemic is not limited to any delta form. Next, we may also have to deal with gamma and lambda formats. It may be that some other forms are also spreading in many countries including America without being caught.

Only 5.37 lakh doses are being taken daily

The pace of vaccination has slowed down across the country. Now only 5.37 lakh doses are being consumed daily as compared to earlier. About half of adults who haven't had the vaccines said they're not interested. Although some say that he will take the dose if needed. Such attitude of the people is weakening the fight against the pandemic.

Politics also increased the transition

However, a political aspect has also emerged in the weak vaccination, due to which the infection has increased in the country. In the counties that voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election, vaccination has been slow since the beginning. According to a poll, 86 percent of Democrats nationwide have had at least one dose, compared to 52 percent of Republicans.