EU's misbehavior: Ban imposed even after taking Corona vaccine, EU does not consider all vaccines equal


After taking two doses of AstraZeneca in Nigeria, Dr. Effeni Ensofor and his wife hoped that they would be able to enjoy the summer holidays by going to their desired place in Europe. But his thinking proved to be wrong. This is because the European Union does not recognize the vaccine that both of them have taken.

The dream remains a dream

There are millions of people with these two whose dream has remained a dream. Lakhs of people have taken the dose of the corona vaccine provided by the efforts of the United Nations. Even after this, his entry is banned in other countries including Europe. The reason for this is that these countries do not recognize the corona vaccine made by India and other countries being installed in those countries.

Will now go to Singapore or east Africa

Both of them had a dream that they would see the world-famous Eiffel Tower with their two daughters living in France and would also visit Salzburg including Austria. Insofar knows that she has received a vaccine made in India that has been approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use and it has been given to Nigeria under the World Health Organization's Kovax plan. After this double stance towards the vaccine, Nasophore and his wife have made up their mind to take a summer vacation somewhere in Singapore or East Africa.

Serum Institute's high standard

He says that the World Health Organization has not only visited the vaccine manufacturing company Serum Institute of India but also expressed its confidence that high standards are taken care of in vaccine manufacturing here. Nasofor also thanked the European Union for providing funds for COVAX. But she is deeply saddened by the discrimination being done regarding the vaccine. He believes that these vaccines should be promoted more. He also said that Africa is not as good as the West.

EU's behavior will generate distrust

Professor Ivo Vlaev of the University of Warwick, UK, says that Western countries have not recognized the vaccine being given in poor countries. Doing so creates more distrust of the vaccine among those who already think so. Because of this, they ignore the words of the government and do not follow the rules of Kovid.

Red signal to India-made AstraZeneca

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being produced in Europe itself and has been recognized by the Drug Regulatory Agency of Europe. But its vaccine produced in India has not yet been given a green signal. EU regulators say that AstraZeneca has not done the necessary paperwork related to its quality control and details of its production. Because of this, it could not get the green signal. But some other European experts are considering this discrimination being done by Europe with the vaccine. They also say that this is completely unscientific. They also say that the World Health Organization has approved its production only after examining the factory.

Trust undermining action

Health officials say that the situation is not only difficult or bad in terms of tourism but also affects the two economies. On the other hand, this kind of discrimination also lowers our trust in the vaccine somewhere, even though there is only one vaccine in both places. Even after this, a vaccine is being told less. As more and more people are being given the vaccine in Europe and other countries, in the same way these countries are trying to bring tourism to their height again. This is the reason why these countries are removing the restrictions imposed on them.

Introduction of digital certificate

Earlier this month, the European Union introduced a digital certificate of Kovid-19. With this certificate, one can roam freely in 27 countries. The condition for this is that he has received a dose of any one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. This includes vaccines from Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Such a person will either have to show his negative report or prove that he has recently recovered from the corona epidemic.

No foreigners

Let us tell you that America and Britain have told a large number of people coming from abroad. On the other hand, this digital certificate of the EU is becoming a means of promoting tourism and accelerating the economy in the Corona era. Significantly, the European Union is not recognizing AstraZeneca's vaccine being made in India, while this vaccine is being applied to people in many poor and middle-income countries. Apart from this, it also includes vaccines being made in China and Europe.

Can make different rules

It is also worth noting here that different countries included in the European Union are completely free to make their own rules. Many European countries, including France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, have allowed those people to come here who have taken any other corona vaccine apart from the approval from the European Union.