Dragon surrounded again : America and allies accuse China of hacking seriously


The US and its allies have once again accused China of a global cyber espionage campaign. Despite Beijing expressing displeasure over these allegations, these allies described China as a major threat to economic and social security. Countries that have criticized China include the European Union (EU), Australia, Britain, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand apart from the US.

All these countries have accused China of global cyber espionage. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that this type of hacking and cyber espionage is a major threat to our economic and national security.

Simultaneously, the US Justice Department accused four Chinese nationals of targeting dozens of companies, universities, and government agencies in the US and abroad. Of these four Chinese nationals, three are security officers while the fourth is a contract hacker.

The US has said that our federal agencies, including the National Security Council and the FBI, will design more than 50 techniques that Chinese bodies use to target US networks.

Allegations made with political motive: China

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has said that all these allegations are fabricated for political purposes and China will not accept them in any form. He said on Tuesday that China was not involved in any cyber attack. Liu Pengyu, the spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington too, called the allegations against China irresponsible.

Allied partners in China strategy

The White House has said that America's friend and important ally is a full partner in the Biden administration's China-related strategy. This statement comes at a time when many countries under the US leadership have accused China of indulging in malicious cyber activities.

EU, UK, Canada, Japan included in these countries have joined hands with the US to expose the malicious cyber activities of China.