Dr. Murthy will lead the fight with Covid-19 in America, Indian doctor will get the role of Surgeon General


The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden has appointed Dr. Vivek Murthy, his principal adviser and Indian national on Kovid-19 as the next Surgeon General of the country. They will lead the fight to Kovid-19. However, it has not been formally announced yet. Media reports said that Murthy was given the same role in the Obama administration. He had to abruptly step down during the Trump administration.

Biden's three-member Kovid-19 advisory board consists of 43-year-old Indian-origin doctor Murthy. Quoting a person involved in the decision, the Washington Post reported that former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has been asked to play the old role. It will be formally announced soon.

The Surgeon General in the US has a tenure of four years and is the government's top official in public health matters. In the current term, Jerome Adams is appointed to this position. Murthy was appointed to the post of Surgeon General on 15 December 2014 after the Senate approved 51–43 votes. President Donald Trump's administration released him on 21 April 2017. Dr. Murthy, the co-founder of Doctors for America, has worked in several hospitals.

Biden will appeal to wear masks for 100 days

Newly elected US President Joe Biden said that after assuming office, he would first appeal to US citizens to wear masks for 100 days. This step is important because Trump never considered wearing a mask to prevent corona. While Biden has been a vocal supporter of wearing masks and has described it as a way of expressing patriotism.

Fauci will be the Chief Medical Advisor of America

Biden has said that Dr. Anthony Fauci will continue to be the Chief Medical Advisor and will be a key member of his Kovid-19 consulting team. In an interview with CNN, Biden said he spoke to Fauci on the need to create an environment of trust on any of the Kovid-19 vaccines and to 'not stop economic activity' to combat the virus.