Dozens of people killed in Israel's air strike in eastern Syria


Israeli warplanes carried out a fierce bombing in eastern Syria in the early hours of Wednesday, targeting Iran-backed military bases and arms depots. A war watchdog reported that dozens of combat casualties were reported in the attack. It was reported that several Syrian warehouses were targeted in this attack, in which weapons from Iran were kept.

Many Syrian godowns carrying weapons from Iran were targeted

A senior official of the US Intelligence Department, who is aware of the attack, said that airstrikes have been carried out based on intelligence received from the US. Explain that the cooperation between Israel and the US in targeting targets for attacks in Syria is very less public.

While requesting anonymity while speaking on a sensitive issue related to national security, the US official said that Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had discussed the airstrike on Tuesday with Yossi Cohen, head of Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 23 people, including seven Syrian civilians, have been killed and 28 injured.

Missiles were also responded

According to Syria's official news agency Sanaa, the attack targeted the cities and surrounding areas of Der al-Jor, Mayyadin, and Bukmal along the border of Iraq. According to an unidentified military official, Syria's 'air defense system' responded to the missile attacks. No other information has been given in this regard.