Donald Trump elected conservative Amy Connie Barrett to Supreme Court Justice, just to be approved by Senate


US President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Amy Connie Barrett for the post vacated by the death of Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Barett is currently a judge in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump was nominated for this post in 2017 as well.

Trump announced at the White House's Rose Garden on Saturday, "Today I am honored to nominate the country's most spineless and law-abiding person to the Supreme Court. She has achieved outstanding achievements, Judge Amy Connie Barrett is extremely knowledgeable and loyal to the Constitution. "

Barrett's name must receive Senate approval following the President's recommendation. Technically this will not be difficult as the Republican Party has a majority in the Senate. The opposition Democrat Party and its presidential candidate Joe Biden is opposing the appointment of the new judge. He says that there are only a few weeks left in the election. In such a situation, the new government should be appointed by the new judge.

Defending his move to nominate a judge, with less than 40 days left in the presidential election, Trump said it was his highest and most important duty under the United Nations Constitution.

Trump said, "He is highly qualified for this position and I can tell you this…. I saw and I studied and you are very qualified for this job, you will prove to be fantastic."

Amy Connie Barrett lives in the state of Indiana with a husband and their seven children. During this, Judge Barett said that he is very excited about serving in the Supreme Court.

Ginsburg is not easy to fill

Barrett's appointment as a Supreme Court judge could make a difference to the movement demanding changes in the abortion law there. It will not be easy for him to fill the place of the late Justice Ginsburg, who has been a loud voice for women's rights. Amy is also considered a good writer. He has also argued on human rights. However, it is difficult to say exactly what the Republican Party will bring to them.

Trump chose Barrett

The US Supreme Court consists of 9 judges. At the time of an important decision, if their opinion gets divided into 4-4, then the vote of the judge appointed by the government becomes decisive and if the judge is appointed by the President, then it is believed that he will give the decision in favor of the government.

Enrollment for the Supreme Court is quite beneficial as judges are appointed for a lifetime and unlike other courts, the judges here have no retirement age. There is a strong objection from the Democrats on Trump's offer of this name. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that nominations for the post need to be made by the winner of the November 3 elections.