Doctors awesome: Successful transplant of both hands and face of a young man


Doctors in New Jersey have successfully transplanted a boy's face and both hands. This is the first such transplant in the world. 80 percent of his body was burned in a car accident.

Actually, it happened that 22-year-old Dimio was coming by night shift in 2018 and he fell asleep in the car. The car crashed, then exploded. He had good luck, people saved his life and pulled him from the flames. But his face was badly disfigured and lost both hands.

The condition of Dimio is now good and he is recovering. In August, he was transplanted at NYU Langone Health Center in New York City. He was in a coma for two months after the accident.

A donor of his match was found on 9 August 2020, but could not be operated on due to the corona epidemic. There was only a six percent chance of the surgery being successful because the daimyo had already undergone all types of surgery.

The operation took place in Manhattan in August. It lasted 23 hours and required 16 surgeons with two operating rooms and 80 employees, including six medical teams.

After a six-month wait, on February 3, Dimio and his doctors revealed the details of the surgery for the first time. Simultaneously Dimio thanked the doctors and said that she is very grateful for the surgery. He also thanked Donner.