Do not necessarily that Antibodies form in the body after infection


If people who are vulnerable to corona are thinking that antibodies have formed within them and they are completely safe then it is not so. It is not necessary to have antibodies in every person infected with the infection. Such cases have been reported in Britain.

Virus expert Dr. Simon Clarke of the University of Reading, UK said that some people who were infected with the infection were tested for antibodies and found that their body was not immune to the virus because they did not have antibodies after the infection.

There may be a possibility of re-infection after antibodies that are not produced. Several studies have shown that one in ten corona patients do not produce sufficient amounts of antibodies.

Antibodies can take up to 50 days to form

Dr. Rupert Beal, an immunologist at the Francis Crick Institute in London, says antibodies may take at least 50 days to form after the infection is cured. According to Dr. Danny Altman, Professor at the Imperial College of London, one in ten chances are that antibodies are not made or low.

Dependence of antibodies on viral load

What was the level of infection, say the scientists? Antibodies are also produced in the body depending on the type of symptoms and the severity of the disease. The higher the viral load in the body, the higher the level of antibodies can be. Yes, it is definitely that antibodies are not everything, which determines immunity. The activation of other cells is also known as memory cells.