Deteriorating relationship with China is not responsible for two Indian ships get stuck at ports: China


China said on Friday that the implication of two Indian ships at its ports had nothing to do with deteriorating relations with India and Australia. The clarification came in response to a statement given by the Indian Foreign Ministry on Thursday to the two ships in Delhi.

Two ships stranded due to stop landing on the Chinese coast, 39 Indian employees aboard

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on Thursday that bulk cargo ship MV Jag Anand has been anchored near Jingtang port in Hebei province, China since 13 June. This ship has 23 Indian riders. At the same time, the second ship MV Anastasia is anchored near China's Chaofedian port since 20 September. It also has 16 Indian citizens.

Both ships are waiting to get permission to unload goods, while ships from other countries have been allowed to take off. He had said that the Indian embassy in Beijing has been continuously urging officials of China's central government and provincial government to allow the ship to dock and replace crew members. Chinese authorities have not allowed crew members to be replaced due to restrictions related to the Corona epidemic.

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "We have been consistently saying that China has a clear system regarding the quarantine measures." China is constantly in talks with the Indian side on this issue and their request is being responded to. Also, necessary support is being provided to the crew members of the ships.

Wenbin said, as far as I understand, China approves a crew change if certain quarantine standards are met, but this Jingtang port is not included in the list of crew changes allowed. Wenbin, however, did not say anything about the 16 crew members of the ship standing at the port of Chaofeidian.

"As far as its engagement with bilateral relations is concerned, I do not see any link between us," Wenbin said. Let there be a situation of a military standoff between India and China in East Ladakh since April, while China's relations with Australia have also been on the rise since the beginning of the Corona period.